Gulf South Risk Services Logo featured in

September 2, 2020

Logos change and so do logo trends. Staying current with the latest points of view, philosophies and approaches is a constant task. Thankfully, Bill Gardner made a course covering the latest trends in logo design which includes the Gulf South Risk Services logo that I created last year.

I’ve been very excited to announce this news. In early 2016, Logo Lounge contacted me to requesting to display the Gulf South Risk Services logo for a new logo design video course Bill Gardner was making for Bill Gardner is the president of Wichita-based design identity company Gardner Design and founder of

The video course covers logo design styles though line, shape, type, dimension, and surface. The Gulf South Risk Services logo appears in the video, “Linked: Building Visual Bonds.” If you have a membership to, check out the great things the course says about the logo or any of the other logos in the course. If you don’t have access, his pull quote is below.

This particular group of logos seems to be a bit more sophisticated, possibility giving a more complex message through the use of links only in deed and not in shape. This mark seems to be an optical illusion at first glance, something that may warrant it a second consumer look.