Infographics for NCRC 2016 Annual Report

September 2, 2020

When you accomplish a lot, share you accomplishments with infographics.

Mitch Wallace Creative had the pleasure of working Unity Digital Agency on one of their recent web projects for the North Carolina Rural Center’s 2016 online annual report. This is the first year that The Rural Center shifted to a primarily online annual report in effort to make more shareable information and to reach a larger audience. A part of this goal was focusing on infographics that clearly illustrate the progress of each of NCRC’s initiatives.

Once MWC received the data, the challenge was determining the best way to display the information so that it fully showcased the Rural Center’s efforts. From looking at the numbers, it was apparent that data could be separated by four categories; time, money, employment, and events. Each category received a color and custom icons speaking to specific topics within each section of the annual report.

Check out the annual report in more detail and learn about The Rural Center’s success.