Like a good carpenter.
Measure twice. Cut once.


To begin any project we must we must first understand what we are going to say and who we are going to say it to. This phase defines the project goals, unifies targets, and creates an understanding for all parties. By determining answers to some simple questions and conducting research we better position ourselves to start our project.


Once we’ve determined what we need to say, MWC identifies different possible ways it can be said or shown. This where ideas are born and various conceptual directions are presented. We see how the different directions apply to the objective to set us up for the next phase.


This is where we see the ideas come to life. What started as a seed of an idea, a maybe, a “yeah, this feels right”, becomes a presentation of application. This is where we get excited. Ideas are prototyped and executed. Approved and produced.


The creative is delivered or produced and launched. Now we grow by continuing to make creative that supports our efforts. What comes next? We’ve established a visual identity, now let’s  start your website. You have a website, now let’s  start your email marketing.

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