Pax Mentis

Pax Mentis Wealth Management is financial advising company located in Cary that specializes in guiding its clients from financial sufficiency to proficiency by providing comprehensive financial solutions. Pax Mentis’ solutions are driven by a care and belief that everyone can be ready for the future financially. With 20 years of experience in the financial industry, this new company needed a visual identity that emitted trust and experience that matches or surpasses their competitors.

From the research and understanding phase some themes emerged from the responses from Pax Mentis; peace, planning, longevity, and wholeness, which led to visual themes of circles, triangles, nature, symmetry, partnership, the future, the horizon, tomorrow, traveling, scenic, harmony. These themes were explored in all the conceptual directions presented.

The Pax Mentis primary brandmark utilizes a layers approach with multiple interpretations. The overall circular shape represents the comprehensive approach and each 3-pronged ring equals part of the whole system. The use of warm and friendly colors reinforces Pax Mentis’ personal attention toward all clientele and the goal of creating a bright future.

Pax Mentis Wealth Management
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