Smartling is cloud-based computer-assisted backend language translation company founded in 2009. They assist global companies like Dropbox, IGH, Slack, Uber, and Wilson to effectively translate their products on the web, mobile, and in apps to a global audience. In 2018, they began the process to evolve their brand system as it was loosing connection with their audience and becoming less effective against their competitors. Keeping only their logo, this brand update became an opportunity to have a fresh restart.


The process started with updating the website and building visual assets from there. Mitch Wallace Creative was brought on to help define the design systems, create a structure and extend their applications.  By recommendation of MWC, Hannah Rhodes was brought-in to extend the illustrative and iconography designs that would act as a consistent visual language in print and online materials. Smartling is defined as curious, understanding, hard-working, and believable, which drove the playful color palette and friendly aesthetic.

Once the new visual language was established, the process to develop and extend the new brand look and feel through the existing touchpoints began. These touchpoints include crafting a series of 1-pagers, case studies, presentation decks, brand stationery, ebooks, and a series of technical diagrams. Through the years, Smartling attended many conventions resulting in Tradeshow booth designs, each addressing a targeted message. Some were directly brand focused messaging, while others were more campaign centered, focusing on their talented translators.

As all brands do, Smartling’s evolved to a vibrant and approachable look full of personality. Moving forward they have a robust kit-of-parts with a structure to implement as they continue to grow.

Visual Identity, Print Collateral
Brand Manual, Brand Stationery, Tradeshow Booth Design, eBook, Sales Collateral
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